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Curriculum Vitae ‑ Abridged Version


ANDREAS PETER SCHROEDER: writer, journalist, editor, translator, professor.

BORN: Hoheneggelsen, Germany, November 26, 1946. Emigrated to Canada in 1951.

PRESENT ADDRESS: 3273 Beach Avenue, Roberts Creek, B.C. Canada V0N 2W2



  • B.A. University of British Columbia, 1969
  • Univ. of Toronto, 1970 (Comp. Lit. courses)
  • M.A. University of British Columbia (Creative Writing & Comparative Literature), 1972.
  • Honorary Doctor of Letters, 2002, University of the Fraser Valley.



·       The Ozone Minotaur (poetry), Sono Nis Press, Victoria 1969;

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·       uniVERSE (concrete poetry), MassAGE Press, Haney 1971;

·       The Late Man (modern parables), Sono Nis Press, 1972;

·       Shaking It Rough (memoir), Doubleday Toronto & New York, 1976;

·       Shaking It Rough (memoir), mass market paperback edition, Lorimer Publications/Goodread Biographies Canadian Lives), 1983;

·       Compensation For Authors, or The Search For the Elusive Red Jellybean. (non‑fiction), chapbook. Sask. Library Assn. 1981;

·       Toccata in 'D' (fiction), Oolichan Press, Nanaimo 1984;

·       Dust‑Ship Glory (docu-novel), Doubleday Toronto, 1986;

·       Dust-Ship Glory (docu-novel), trade paper edition, Ballantine, New York, 1987;

·       Words Inside Out (poem cycle), League of Canadian Poets, pamphlet, 1983;

·       Word For Word: The Business of Writing in Alberta. (nonfiction) Writers' Guild of Alberta, Edmonton. 1988;

·       The Eleventh Commandment: Mennonite Low‑German short stories, co‑authored with Jack Thiessen, translated into English by A. Schroeder. Thistledown Press, 1990;

·       The Mennonites:A Pictorial History of their Experiences in Canada. Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver/Toronto, 1990;

·       Carved From Wood; Mission, 1861‑1992 (history), Friesen, Manitoba, 1991;

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·       Duped! (Young Adult Nonfiction); Annick Press, Toronto & New York, 2011.

·       Dustship Glory (docu-novel), University of Athabasca Press (re-issue); Edmonton, Alberta, 2011.

·       Robbers! (Young Adult Nonfiction); Annick Press, Toronto & New York, 2012.




  • Contemporary Poetry of British Columbia (with J.M. Yates); Sono Nis Press, 1970 (Volume I); 1972 (Volume II);
  • Stories From Pacific & Arctic Canada (with Rudy Wiebe); MacMillan, 1974;
  • Words From Inside (prison anthology), Prison Arts Foundation 1976, 1977,1980.
  • Poet (German Collection), World Poetry Society, July 1970.
  • Volvox: Poetry from the Unofficial Languages of Canada. (with Lillard, Yates) Sono Nis Press, 1971.




  • The Stage And Creative Arts (with M. Bullock), New York Graphic Society, 1969;
  • The Collected Stories of Ilse Aichinger (published serially);
  • In The Land of the Umbramauts (fiction) by Christoph Meckel, published serially;
  • A Canadian Diary (memoir) by Else Seel. (contracted)
  • The Eleventh Commandment (fictions) co‑authored by Jack Thiessen and Andreas Schroeder. Translated into English by A. Schroeder. Thistledown, 1990.




  • Immobile ‑ short, 27 minutes, B&W 16mm; MassAGE Productions, 1970; circulation cinematheque;
  • The Pub ‑ short, 29 minutes, B&W 16mm; MassAGE Productions, 1971; circulation cinematheque;
  • The Late Man ‑ short feature, 37 minutes, color 16mm; MassAge Productions, 1972; circulation cinematheque;
  • The Late Man ‑ short feature, 29 minutes, color, 16mm; Odyssey Films, 1973, telecast on CBC Television's PROGRAMME X, September, 1974.
  • Dustship Glory (screenplay assistance) film rights optioned to Phillip Borsos (THE RADIO & TELEGRAPHIC COMPANY INC.), 1987;
  • Scams, Scandals & Skulduggery – film rights optioned to Wishbone Entertainment/Alpern Films, 2001/2002/2003;
  • Cheats, Charlatans & Chicanery – film rights optioned to Wishbone Entertainment/Alpern Films, 2001/2002/2003;
  • Fakes, Frauds & Flimflammery – film rights optioned to Wishbone Entertainment/Alpern Films, 2001/2002/2003.




  • Freeway To Damascus. 30‑minute play, broadcast by CBC Radio September, 1971. Published in the collection The Late Man, Sono Nis Press, 1972.
  • Ashes In Your Net (30‑minute play, unproduced.
  • The Theft. 30‑minute play, broadcast by CBC Radio on RSVP, March, 1978. Adapted from the short story of the same title, published in The Late Man, Sono Nis Press, 1972.
  • Toccata In "D". one‑hour adaptation from the micro‑novel of the same title. Broadcast on The Hornby Collection, CBC Radio, December 11, 1982.
  • Dustship Glory: five 15‑minute plays adapted from the novel of the same title, for CBC Morningside. Plays broadcast in October, 1988. Re‑broadcast April 10‑15, 1989.
    • Play One: More Light
    • Play Two: The Bob Kleppner Picnic
    • Play Three: An Officer's Report
    • Play Four: The Pool Hall Chronicles
    • Play Five: Stand‑by for the Bow‑line!


ANTHOLOGIES: Contributor to:


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Over five hundred feature stories & articles, reviews, columns and commentary in a wide variety of Canadian magazines and newspapers, including Weekend Magazine, The Canadian Magazine, Today Magazine, Enroute Magazine, Macleans’ Magazine, Canadian Geographic, Sailing Magazine, Saturday Night Magazine, Chatelaine, Reader’s Digest, This Country Canada, The Imperial Review, The Reader, The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, The Vancouver Province, The Vancouver Sun, The Regina Leader-Post, The National Post, B.C. Bookworld.




Prism International Magazine, Chelsea Magazine, Riverside Quarterly, Poetry Australia, Ann Arbor Review, Mundus Artium, Expression Magazine (England), Black Sun Magazine, Poet Magazine, Voices International, New Measure Magazine, Canadian Forum, Encore Magazine, Talon, Trace Magazine, Other Voices Magazine, Red Cedar Review, The Far Point Magazine, Quixote Magazine, Minnesota Review, Fiddlehead Magazine, Canadian Literature, Arts Canada, New Orleans Review, Beyond Baroque, University of Windsor Review, Romanian Literary Review (Familia), West Coast Review, Scopcraeft Magazine, The Canadian Fiction Magazine, D.N.A. (audio tape literary magazine), Tamarack Review, Kayak, Malahat Review, Edge, Waves, Books In Canada, Prairie Fire, Grain, Event, Poetry Chicago, Swift Current (computer-based literary forum), Northern Light, The New Quarterly, Rhubarb Magazine, Conrad Grebel Review, Event Magazine, Rim Magazine, The Junction Magazine, The Vancouver Review, International Journal of Motorcycle Studies.




  • Founding Editor: Contemporary Literature in Translation Magazine, 1969‑1980;
  • Editor: Poetry Canada (League of Canadian Poets), 1970/71;
  • Founder & Associate Editor: Canadian Fiction Magazine, 1971‑ 1973;
  • Literary Critic, Columnist: The Vancouver Province Newspaper, 1968‑1973;
  • Broadcaster: (freelance) CBC Radio, (local & national broadcasts); 1970‑1990;
  • Host: of the Television literary talk show Synapse – 16 half‑hour programs (Channel 10, Vancouver) 1971;
  • Chairman: The Writers' Union of Canada, 1976‑77;
  • Chairman: Public Lending Right Commission, 1986/87/88.
  • Board Member: Public Lending Right Commission, 1989 – 2008
  • Director: Roberts Creek Co-Housing Development Corporation, 2003 – 2006
  • Contributor: CBC Radio (The Basic Black Show): Famous scams & hoaxes, 137 episodes, 1988 - 2002




  • University of British Columbia (Continuing Education, 1970, 1971) instructor;
  • Fraser Valley College (noncredit) instructor: 1972/73/74;
  • Marpole Community Corrections Centre (noncredit: Creative Writing) instructor: 1975;
  • University of Victoria, Dept. of Creative Writing, lecturer: 1975‑76;
  • University of Toronto Writers' Workshop (summer), instructor: 1976, 1977;
  • Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts, Fort Qu'Appelle, instructor: 198l, 1982, 1983;
  • Literary Storefront Fiction Workshops, Vancouver, instructor: 1979, 1980, 1983.
  • University of British Columbia, Creative Writing Department, sessional appointments 1985/86, 1986/87, 1989/90.
  • Simon Fraser University, Communications Program, lecturer, "Documentary Fiction", 1989/90
  • Banff Writing Centre, mentor and resident editor, February 12 – 21, 1998
  • Victoria School of Writing; workshop instructor, July 14 – 20, 2002
  • Sunshine Coast School of Writing, workshop instructor; November 2 - 4, 2001; November 1 – 3, 2002; February 2 – 4, 2003
  • University of British Columbia, Dept. of Theatre, Film & Creative Writing: Rogers Communications Co-Chair in Creative Nonfiction, 1993 – current.




  • For Words Foundation, 1976‑77 (three 2‑week residencies in Ontario schools);
  • National Book Festival, 1979 (8 days in Prince Rupert, Smithers, Terrace, British Columbia;
  • Regina Public Library, 1980‑81 (full year appointment co‑funded by the Canada Council;
  • Annapolis Valley Regional Library, Nova Scotia; 1982 (2 weeks, 4 communities);
  • University of Winnipeg, Manitoba 1983‑84 (full year appointment co‑funded by the Canada Council;
  • Fraser Valley Regional Library, Clearbrook 1985 (l week residence co‑funded by the Canada Council);
  • Port Coquitlam Public Library, 1985 (1 week residence, co‑funded by the Canada Council)
  • Fraser Valley College, Abbotsford, B.C. 1987 (2‑week residence, co‑funded by the Can. Council)
  • Sechelt Festival of the Written Arts, 1989 (l week), co‑funded by Canada Council.
  • University of Lethbridge, 1991 (2 weeks' residency co‑funded by the Canada Council)
  • Sechelt Festival of the Written Arts, 1992 (1 week) co‑funded by the Canada Council.




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  • Globe & Mail,  February 13, 2012, Globe Arts Section:  Andreas Schroeder -- The Godfather of B.C.’s Nonfiction Boom.”  Interview by Marsha Lederman;  photos by Rafal Gerszak.




Writers' Union of Canada, League of Canadian Poets, P.E.N. Canada, A.C.T.R.A., Canadian Periodical Publishers of Canada, Periodical Writers' Association of Canada, Federation of B.C. Writers, Saskatchewan Writers' Guild, Alberta Writers' Guild, Manitoba Writers' Guild, Media Guild of Canada




  • Canada Council Grant (short‑term) 1968.
  • Canada Council Grant (Arts Bursary) 1969.
  • Woodward Memorial Award for Prose, 1969.
  • National Film Board Grant (for film production) 1970
  • Canada Council Grant (Arts Bursary) 1971
  • Canadian Film Development Corporation Award (film script) 1971
  • Canada Council Grant (short‑term) 1973
  • Leon Koerner Foundation Grant (fiction) 1974
  • Leon Koerner Foundation Grant (poetry) 1975
  • Canada Council Grant (Arts Bursary) 1976
  • Finalist, Governor‑General's Award, Non‑Fiction, 1977.
  • Canada Council Grant (Arts Bursary) 1979
  • Explorations Grant (CC) Non‑Fiction, 198l
  • Finalist, Sealbooks First Novel Award, 1984
  • Canada Council Grant (Arts Grant "A") 1986
  • Finalist, National Magazine Award, 1990
  • Canadian Association of Journalists' Top Investigative Journalism Award, 1990.
  • Writers’ Union of Canada Lifetime Achievement Award, 1996.
  • Honourary Doctorate of Letters, University of the Fraser Valley, 2002
  • UBC Office of the President’s Celebrate Research Award, 2002
  • Winner, Red Maple Award, Y/A Nonfiction, Ontario Library Assn. 2005
  • Winner, Storytelling World Award, USA, 2005
  • Winner, Red Maple Award, Y/A Nonfiction, Ont. Library Assn. 2006
  • Winner, Rocky Mountain Book Award, Y/A Nonfiction, 2007
  • Finalist, Silver Birch Award, Y/A Nonfiction, Ontario Library Association, 2014.




  • Canada Council “B” Grant jury, 1977, 1984, 1990
  • Judge, National Youth Literary Competition, 1985
  • Judge, Western Magazine Awards, Fiction Category, 1988
  • Judge, Alberta Literary Awards (Non-Fiction) 1990
  • Judge, Event Magazine Creative Non-Fiction Award, 1992
  • Canada Council “A” Grant jury, 1994
  • Canada Council Publishing Grant, 1995
  • Mentor, BC Festival of the Arts, 1996
  • Judge, Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild (City of Regina Literary Award) 1996
  • Judge, Writers Guild of Alberta (City of Edmonton Literary Award) 1997
  • Judge, Pearson Non-Fiction Award, 2001
  • Judge, Maclean-Hunter Creative Non-Fiction Award, 2001
  • Jury Member, Governor-General’s Award (Non-Fiction) 2002
  • Judge, Saskatchewan Book Awards, (Creative Nonfiction), 2006
  • Jury Member, B.C. National Nonfiction Award, 2008/9
  • Jury Chair, B.C. National Nonfiction Award, 2009/10
  • Jury Member, Hilary Weston Writers Trust Nonfiction Prize, 2012/13